Know about the most expensive launch at Auto Expo? Find it here!

Yes, you have guessed it right. It is the Audi A8L Security. The pricing of the car starts at Rs. 9.15 crore and it was launched at the mega-event, on February 03, 2016. It will be now an additional star shining in Audi’s hat, after new R8 was launched, at a price of Rs. 2.47 crore in a star-studded ceremony, at the Expo 2016.

As the name suggests, the car’s USP is safety. The vehicle is claimed to be bullet proof, bomb proof and will save you even from chemical attacks. The automobile gets an auxiliary battery with an armoured communications box in the boot. It has its own intercom with speakers behind the grille, for communicating with the outside world. Buyers can even opt for features like emergency exit system, fire extinguishing system and an emergency fresh air system.

The German carmaker has been able to do so by combining a mixture of aramide fabric, special alloys and steel armour in the build of four-wheeler. This way, it has also been able to keep the weight of it in control, which is a usual problem with cars, at least in this category. The automobile has all the luxurious features of A8.

It comes with two engine tunes viz. 4.0 litre V8 and W12 engine. While the former can generate a maximum power of 429 bhp, later can churn out 493 horses. The top-speed of the vehicle has been electronically controlled and is limited to 210 kmph.

One can state with assurance, is in case you are bored of travelling on mundane roads and plan to travel along some unchartered risky terrains, the A8L can turn out to be your great companion. With the amount of safety features the automaker has flushed the car with, you are bound to be safe (with an obvious great experience).


Know about the most expensive launch at Auto Expo? Find it here!