Knack to fight odds and obstacles made Tendulkar God of Indian Cricket

Pancham Saude,New Delhi, Nov 14: Before being hailed as God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar himself spent almost 24 years worshiping the game on 22 yards cricket pitch. Sachin debuted on 15 Nov 1989 in test match against Pakistan and played his last international match vs West Indies on 14 November 2013 and ended up as highest run scorer of all time in test cricket. Sachin is the only player who has scored hundred centuries in international cricket. Apart from this he is the first batsman to score a double century in ODI format of cricket. He also holds the record for the most number of runs in both one day format and test format of cricket and the only player to complete more than 30,000 runs in international cricket.

But all these records never came easy, there were times when Sachin could have quit due to injuries or other situation but every time he bounced back hard.

Here are some of the worst times master blaster faced in his life, but then rose like a phoenix:

Tennis elbow injury did not injure his determination

In a cricket-mad nation like India, there was a famous quote "If Sachin bats well, India sleeps well" but there was a time when God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar himself had sleepless nights. It was the time when Sachin injured his tennis elbow which could have ended his career.

It happened at the start of the season (2004-05) which continued till 2006. Playing in his 15th year of career Sachin was even advised not even to hold the bat and headlines like 'Endulkar' prompted him to end his career. 
After recovery, Sachin started his second innings in year 2007 with renewed vigour for six more years is a different story altogether.

After losing his father when an emotional Sachin hammered 100 vs Kenya in 1999 World Cup


It was a night before India had to take on Zimbabwe when Sachin received a call about his father demise so he rushed back home to be with his family early next morning and to say the final goodbye to his father and unfortunately India lost to Zimbabwe. 

Three days later, Sachin not just showed up in India's colours at Bristol, he also hammered an emotional 100 against Kenya to keep India alive in the 1999 World Cup. A legend crossed over to being a God that day. 

Sachin didn't even receive time to recover and he knew he was answerable to millions across the world. 


What a memorable moment was his 100th Century

Known as God of cricket but Sachin himself struggled to get one century after 99 hundred. Tendulkar scored his 99th century against South Africa at Vidarbha Cricket Stadium Nagpur on 12/03/2011 after which he took almost 34 innings to move from 99 to 100 centuries.
 In those 34 innings Tendulkar had averaged 47.24, with 15 fifties, including three 99s and four e scores more than 90s. In these 33 innings, though, he's averaged only 32.87, with eight fifties.

Just like them, everyone has an inspiring tale to tell but it is the magic that one has to spread with sheer dedication and passion striving towards their goals!