Kick, throw like Salman in 'Sultan'

New Delhi: If you fancy the power-packed wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts moves displayed by actors Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma in "Sultan", try some for a fitter frame, says an expert. Fitness enthusiast and Reebok MMA trainer Siddharth Singh explains some throws and kicks featured in the film and how it helps one attain a better body frame. * The shoulder throw, along with its variation ‘drop to the knees shoulder throw’ is used at least 10 to 15 times in the movie. It's a move that comes handy for a small-built frame since it utilises technique as opposed to strength and size. * The Judo move ‘O Goshi’, or the ‘hip toss' as it is commonly known, is used in several of Anushka’s fights and training montages. To finish the hip toss, it’s important to ensure that one is able to lower one’s hips and momentarily carry the opponent’s weight. In that way, manipulate your opponent’s centre of gravity before executing the throw. The hip throw is usually finished off with ‘Kesa Gatame’, or side control position in Brazilian jiu jitsu, which ensures that the opponent is unable to reverse the takedown/throw. An important aspect of ‘Kesa Gatame’ is to ensure that the chest pressure is maintained on the side of the rib and there is no chance of getting swept by the opponent at the bottom. * “Sultan” also executes the double leg takedown on a couple of occasions which was good to see because it is by far the most commonly seen technique in Hollywood movies. * The display of Suplex -- a common throw used in both American college wrestling as well as in professional wrestling -- was seen in the movie as well. However, a word of caution -- this is a difficult technique to practise with partners in the gym as it can potentially cause serious neck injuries. Therefore, this is often practised using ‘throw bags’ or ‘wrestling dummies’. * To finish off in perfect symmetry, Salman uses the fireman’s carry slam which is a more common Pro Wrestling (WWE) move and not an amateur one.