Kattapa ne Baahubali ko kyun mara? Here's the answer, don't miss

New Delhi: Everyone wants to know why Kattappa killed Baahubali and with Baahubaali 2 in theatres, the suspense is unravelled. So we should tell you actually why Baahubali was killed by Kattappa.

Kattappa is a loyal army chief of the Mahishmati kingdom, as his ancestors have sworn to obey the orders of the king of Mahishpati. After Bahubali become the emperor, he falls in love with Devasena, even Bhallala Deva also feels the same for her. But as the rule goes, whosoever marries Devasena will be exiled from the kingdom and will be asked to leave the kingdom. This is in accordance to Rajmata's instructions. Bahubali marries Devasena and leaves the Mahishmati kingdom. The enemy comes to know about this and attacks  Mahishmati kingdom by Kalakeya king’s son, due to which Bahubali has to return to save his kingdom.

Scenario changes because Bhallala Deva thinks Rajmata will give reins back to Bahubali.

As he returns Kattappa grows suspicious as he does not understand the real reason of Baahubali's return. Bound by the vow taken by his ancestors...he takes the decision. Rest we should tell more than that.