Katrina KISSES Salman in public!

New Delhi, Dec 19: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are busy promoting their upcoming film Tiger Zinda Hai. Their nrext stop was on Mithun Chakravarti's show Dance India India. And even the harshest critics of Salman Khan will agree that he is an entertyainer number one!

Katrina, the prankster that she is, organised a game where she asked Salman to lick the ive cream on his nose. He tried hard but failed. But bring a naughty man that he is he rubbed his nose on Katrina Kaif's cheeks. The impression that the viewers were getting was that he is rubbing his nose on her cheeks and at the same time he was giving a peck on her cheeks.

And Katrina's blushes were telling it all.