Katrina and Aalia are the new besties in town!

Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt seem to have become admirers of each other.  We first had Katrina praising Alia for her bikini bod in 'Shaandaar' and also the kind of work she (Alia) has been doing and likewise  Alia has also reciprocated.


During a conversation with MissMalini.com, the young actress was asked to name one girl from Bollywood whom she loves a lot. And Alia instantly named Katrina Kaif. The 'Highway' girl mentioned that she appreciates Katrina's honest and frank attitude and the fact that she is genuine.



Also, besides attending several parties together, the two have also worked out together, we've seen pictures of Katrina grilling Aalia at the gym. Thats truly admirable, that for once, actresses aren't getting catty and it says alot about where Bollywood is today. As in, there's plenty of work for all the actresses. 


Here are some pictures of them together,