Kate, Leonardo's vacation pictures set internet on fire

Fans loved the chemistry of stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the 90s Hollywood blockbuster Titanic and always wanted to alter the climax of the movie. The climax scene of the movie Titanic in which Leonardo died and Kate survived left many teary-eyed all over the globe.   

Kate Winslet had to spend the rest of her life with the burden of letting him go. Titanic gave us one of the most sizzling onscreen pairs of all time – Kate and Leo. And, now the internet is beaming with their latest pictures as Kate and Leo got into water together once again. Yes, believe it or not Titanic stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet took off for a vacation to Saint-Tropez. And, fans are rejoicing immensely their favourite star reunion almost after two decades. 

The two BFFs were seen spending some quality time together by a pool. The paparazzi spotted them, and clicked a few pictures which have now gone viral all over the internet. And of course they would. Kate and Leo back in water again! Who would not want to see that.

The French holiday has come as a amazing surprise for Leo-Kate fans, but no, there doesn't seem to be anything romantic about this vacation. The two have been best of friends - BFFs, if you will - for decades now and Saint-Tropez is helping the friends spend some we-time.

Leonardo and Kate are spending a few days soaking up the Saint-Tropez sun at DiCaprio's villa in the French Riviera. The photos that have just surfaced online are from about three weeks ago. The best friends flew off to France this year in July end. 

So, enjoy the beautiful moments of the two star spending some quality time together. 

News24 Bureau