Karva Chauth: Know why women see their husbands through a chhalani

New Delhi, Oct 26, News24 Bureau: Karva Chauth, is a festival celebrated by Hindus where married women observe a day-long fast from sunrise to moonrise and pray for their husband’s long life. According to the Hindu mythology, the women wake up at sunrise and eat fruits, sweets, and sevvaiyan known as the sargi. Then women start a day-long fast till the moon can be seen in the sky at night.

As the moon rises in the sky, women look through a chhalani at their husbands and break their fast.  But have you ever thought why do women look at their husbands through a chhalani on this day?

Veervati who was about to get married, fasted on Karwa Chauth for her husband’s long life, but the young woman got ill because of fasting. Taking pity on her, her brothers played a trick and lit a diya behind a bush and told her that the moon had finally risen so she could break her fast. 

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Looking at the diya, Veervati thought it was the moon and she broke her fast. It is said that her husband died a few days later. When she got to know the reality of her brothers’ lying she fasted again and worshipped the moon with a chhalani. Miraculously, her husband came back to life. From then chhalani became an integral part of the Karva Chauth.

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