Karnataka Polls: On Rahul's 'PM ambition in 2019 remark' Modi calls him arrogant, immature

New Delhi, May 9: PM on Rahul's PM ambition: It's an evidence of arrogance: Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins his rallies in Karnataka. The first one is at Bangarpet, followed by three more at Chikkaamagaluru, Belagavi and Bidar districts. Excerpts from the speech.-- Congress is affected with six diseases and makes those six diseases viral wherever it goes. They are - Congress culture, Communalism, Casteism, Crime, Corruption, Contractor system. These six Cs are destroying the future of Karnataka:-- Yesterday in Karnataka, someone made an important declaration. Ignoring those waiting in queue, those in alliances, those sitting with 40 years of experience & said, "I am going to be PM!". Declaring oneself a Prime Minister like this, isn't it an evidence of arrogance?-- To remove Modi, there are big meetings being held. How will the big leaders who attend these meetings react to this sudden announcement by one 'Naamdaar' that he is going to be Prime Minister.-- Congress is only interested in deals. I'm not saying this. It's a Congress MP and former CM (Karnataka) Veerappa Moily who said this. When tickets were sold, he said that Congress will have to solve their 'money problem' & also blamed PWD Minister for deal-making.Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also has his schedule planned in the poll bound state. He would be holding meetings in Hubali, at Rattihalli Ground and Sahakarnagar in the city.