Kapoor family pens a book on Raj Kapoor!

The Kapoor family gathered to launch a book on the patriarch, Raj Kapoor, in Delhi on Thursday. On his 93rd birth anniversary, a biography on him was launched, named Raj Kapoor: speaks. Raj Kapoor's five children - sons Rishi, Randhir, Rajiv Kapoor and daughters Ritu Nanda (also the author) and Rima Jain. 

In an interview, Ritu was asked for the reason why she wrote the book, she said, "I wanted the book as a complete reference on Raj Kapoor and I have told it through his voice." 

Also, writing the book has been a gratifying emotional search for Nanda: "When I got married, papa was in his prime. He never had any time for me. But while writing, I got to know how much he loved me and all of us." It wasn't easy to share personal memories of a man she was in awe of. 


She had many breakdowns while writing: "I had a huge father complex which I overcame because of my husband, Rajan. Which is why this book was so important for me."


Here are some pictures from the event: