Kapil Sharma's GAY encounter!

New Delhi, Nov 21: Kapil Sharma is certainly one of the most loved and popular comedians of the small screen who has a great fan following across the world. certainly he has brought smiles into the lives of millions of his fans who have watched his great comedy shows with astute attention. And ever since the news of the return of his famous comedy show is doing the rounds, there is a renewed interests and hope in all Kapil Shama's fan. At present he is busy promoting his forthcoming film Firangi. 

He has been talking to media left and right and during one such interviews he talks about his days of yore when he was a wannabe acto. During those days he was asked to do the role of Arjun of Mahabharata and of the time when he had to live like a woman for a year. 
To understand a women's features and style and to gt into th skin of th character Kapil was always talking and walking like a woman. Many men misunderstood this and approached him with a special 'purpose'. Kapil had to explain the fact to them and tell them that he was very much normal.