Kapil Sharma a big 'Darubaaz'? Fans in shock!

New Delhi, Nov 11: The year 2017 has not been kind to Kapil Sharma. He lost one of the most popular shows of Indian TV The Kapil Sharma Show. It was said that due to his failing health, he had to quit the show. But the fact was something else, he had to quit because the TRP was dropping, he was being unprofessional on his show and kept big stars waiting.

Then he headed to Bangalore to get rid of his drinking habit as it had caused enough harm to his career. This was  a 40-day course but he left it midway and headed to Mumbai after 15 days on pretext of promoting his upcoming film 'Firangi'.

Speaking of his alcohol habits, Kapil told DNA, “Yes. Even after going to Bangalore, I stayed there for 15 days and they went great. They wanted me to stay there for 40 days and they wanted to control my lifestyle because I had a weakness and my food habits here were disturbed. But once I came back, I started drinking again. Again when I came back to Mumbai, to my same house, the same things started running in my mind and I again took to the bottle. Then, I realised that this isn’t the solution to it because it depresses you even further. When I keep working, I stay happy. But now, I’m busy with this film and the mixing, so now I don’t have time to do all that which is good.”