Kangana reveals her SEX life, relations with Hrithik!

New Delhi, Sep 2: After closing the nepotism debate, Bollywood's 'Queen' has re-opened Hrithik Roshan's chapter. Kangana Ranaut is known for her carefree, bold and fearless attitude in the industry. It is Kangana who will never scares away pointing out the odds and negatives. 

The actress who does not depend on her male co-stars for her film to be successful has set a trend in Bollywood which has inspired many.

In a recent interview, Kangana opened up about her relation with Hrithik Roshan and shared her side of the story. Here are top 7 statements that prove Kangana does not mince words and simply face the world-

-"If you have a libido, so do I. I've got to take care of mine."

-"It is a huge prejudice to think that I am not vulnerable."

-"Hrithik and his father have made a fool of themselves. They should apologise to me in public."

-"I didn't know I was a part of such a big scam. I didn't know that he (Hrithik) has prepped for 2 years to put me behind bars for having an affair with him."

-"Why can't these people stop having affairs. If you care so much about your family life, image, then stop having affairs. As simple as that.

-"I am self-sufficient so guess what let me take the liberty or luxury of public sulking here."

-"Even today people ask me about Aditya Pancholi and I answer them..I was a minor at that time. So don't tell me what I should talk about and what I should not talk about."