Jugnoo to provide auto ride via Facebook messenger

New Delhi: In a bid to broaden its customer base, auto rickshaw aggregator Jugnoo on Tuesday launched a new service where users can book auto rides using Facebook Messenger. “Through 'Jugnoo Bot' service, people can easily book autos using their Facebook account, making the process more conversational,” said Samar Singla, founder and CEO of Jugnoo, in a statement. The new service enables the Jugnoo Bot to tap users on Messenger. Users can easily book through a text message on Messenger or by clicking on a 'Book-a-Ride' option. Jugnoo automatically authenticates users through their Facebook login details and detects their ride location and suggests nearby multiple locations to choose from. Users can also share their location via the Messenger location button. The Jugnoo Bot then shares the journey details with users to confirm their ride. The Bot also allows real-time tracking of the ride by users.