Job seekers turn cautious on offers from startups

Mumbai:  Job seekers have become more cautious while considering offers from startups as it presents substantial risk to their long-term goals, according to experts. "With the premier tech school IIT Bombay blacklisting nine startups, job seekers have become more cautious before accepting offers from them. "There could be more job seekers declining offers from these companies as they will weigh the substantial risk they need to take while making such career moves as they consider their long-term professional goals," hiring consultancy Michael Page's Director Ankit Agarwala told PTI. Recently, IIT Bombay had blacklisted nine startups for one year as a penalty for various violations, including revoking offers to some graduates. Startups are generally hiring cautiously and focusing mainly on critical or essential roles that will directly contribute to the productivity of the organisation, Agarwala said.