Jio users you can still take Prime membership, here's the trick

New Delhi: Many Jio users are a worried lot. That’s because they did not enrol themselves for the Jio Prime membership  and thus are missing a lot of attractive offers that are mean only for Prime  members. Prime membership closed on April 15, but we will tell you a simple trick by which you still become Prime member and enjoy Jio freebies. 

Jio has launched Dhan Dhana Dhan offer, under which there are 2 plans for prime and non-prime members. For prime members there is a Rs 309-plan which gives you 84 GB 4G data, unlimited calling and messages. This package, which has a 84-day validity, has a daily data usage cap of 1 GB. While the Rs 509-plan has a daily data cap of 2GB, while rest of the conditions are same as the Rs 309-plan.  

Then there are two Rs 309 and Rs 509 offers for non-prime members. But, if you go for a recharge of Rs 408 and Rs 609 here then you get the Prime membership. In simple terms, it means that in Rs 408, company has included Rs 99 it was charging for Prime membership. 

This in turn means that if you go for a recharge of Rs 408, then you get Prime membership for a year and the Dhan Dhana Dhan offer with 84-day validity.  This will give you unlimited calls and messages, and 84GB data with a daily cap of 1GB. And in case of Rs 608-recharge , the 84-day validity plan will give you a daily data cap of 2GB.