Jio users go for Jio Prime Plan to save money

New Delhi: You will have to pay for Jio services from April 1, that you all know. The question is whether you should opt for Jio Prime membership plan or not? We will tell you what to do.

First, you should know the tariff plans if you are not opting for Jio Prime. A look at the prepaid plans will tell you that there is just one plan which is cheaper than Prime plan, but in that you do not get as much data as you get in Prime Plan.

The Rs 149 plan is for 28 days, and gives you 1GB data entire one month. Of this, 300MB is 4G data, the balance is of Wi-Fi. In case of Jio Prime, you get 1GB data every day.

The cheapest Jio 4G daily prepaid plan will cost you Rs 19 a day. It gives you unlimited calls, but just 100MB of 4G data. Assuming you recharge it daily, for a 4-week plan you pay Rs 532 on an average. It is advisable to go for a four-week plan, the cheapest of which (part from Rs 149 plan) will cost you Rs 499. This will give  you 4GB of 4G data and double that on WiFi. You will also get unlimited data at night ( as in the other plans). However, you get unlimited data only between 2 am and 5 am. For 10 GB 4G data, the plan will cost you Rs 999 every month.

In case of postpaid, the cheapest plan is for Rs 1499. This gives you 20GB 4G data, this is less than what Jio Prime offers.

It is clear, that you must switch to Jio Prime offer if you want maximum services for minimum charges. For this you must enrol by March 31. If you don't then you will have to be content with costlier plans.

What Jio Prime gives you

* You will have to pay Rs 99 registration fee + Rs 303 monthly charges

* You get voice calls free

* 1GB high-speed data, after the data usage speed will reduce to 128kbps (daily)

* Unlimited data between 2 am to 5 am

* All Jio premium apps free for one year

* If you enrol for Jio Prime before March 31, you get 1 GB data daily, free voice calls and unlimited SMS until March 2018.