JIO USERS another mega bumper offer for you, know the details

Mumbai: Jio may not be able to offer free services to you anymore, but the company has decided to offer you offer you almost free services. Here is the latest bumper offer for you   

Jio has announced an ISD Rate Cutter, under which rates for USA and Canada have been cut by 75%, rates  for Germany have been reduced by  93%, while calls to Britain will be 90% cheaper and France by 86%.

For the US, Britain, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand, Jio is offering calls at `3 per minute. Calls to France and Japan are prices at `4.8 a minute. Calls to South Africa, Russia and Germany are at priced `7.2 a minute.

Under Jio’s  existing tariffs, ISD calls  to the USA and Canada are charged in the range of `5 to `12 per minute, while for Germany they are in the range of `5 to `100 a minute. For calls made to United Kingdom, the rates are the range of Rs 5-30 a minute.