Jio New Year Dhamaka....Know about bumper offers, don't mis

New Delhi Dec 27- It's been an exciting year for Reliance Jio. From the launch of its broadband service Gigafiber to achieving 250 million plus subscribers mark. Jio continues to be an outlier in the financially stressed telecom market in India. It seems unstoppable, the company has already planned some big things for the next year, including its expansion of fibre service & the launch of GigaTv. In this report, we take a look at what the telecoms 2019 will be like. What to be expected from Jio in 2019?   Jio Giga Fiber expansion 

It has been more than 5 Months since Jio officially announced its GigaFiber broadband service at Jio annual general meeting (AGM) with much fanfare, but the service is yet to see broader roll-out. The service is currently in a soft launch phase with the company gauging user interest based on locations through registrations. however, the company is quietly expanding their user base with the new customer being subscribed to the preview offer in the various region that have existing GigaFiber infrastructure. It is believed that Reliance Jio will finally open the floodgates in March 2019 with the full launch. The company will reportedly announce the service plans at the same time. To remind you, GigaFiber is the company's broadband service with up to 1Gbps speed and the company aim is to connect up to 50 million Houses in Eleven hundred cities with GigaFiber over the coming years. Jio Phone 3 launch 

After the huge success of the original Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2, the telecom giant will doubtlessly launch the 3rd-iteration of the Handset in 2019. The specifics of the Jio Phone 3 is a mystery right now, but we are surely going to see a number of improvements over the currently available models. As per an estimate by Credit Suisse, Jio might have sold as many as 40 million original JioPhone units by the end of April 2018. According to Counterpoint's Market Monitor report, Jio accounted for 11 per cent of the total worldwide feature phone shipments in the 3rd quarter of 2018 Jio Affordable large-screen smartphones 

The mobiles from Reliance Lyf, a subservient of Reliance Retail, were among the 1st budget smartphones which come with complete support for Jio's 4G networks. Now as Lyf has kind of dissolved in the background with no new launches over the last several quarters, Jio is reportedly working with a new set of partners to launch a cost-effective large-screen smartphone for the mass population. as stated by a recent report, the company is hoping to convert their feature phone consumers into smartphone users with these budget devices. It is as well in talks with USA-based contract manufacturer Flex for smartphone production in India. currently, Jio only offers 2 (4G) feature phones under its own brand. We are hoping to see these mass market 4G phones hit Jio stores in the upcoming year. 5G 

5G is still years away from being a widely available service in India, Reliance Jio is fluently working to bring the next-generation network to its costumers. As per the online reports, Jio plans to launch 5G services as soon as 6 months after spectrum auction, which is likely to happen in the mid of 2019. An anonymous Jio official claimed that the company already has 5G-ready LTE networks and it is aggressively deploying optical fibre lines to enhance the backbone of this network. While we are unlikely to see an actual 5G launch from Jio in 2019, Jio is possibly going to start the network trials as soon the spectrum is allocated. The company is even performing localised live 5G trials. The government believes the transition from 4G to 5G will be much quicker compared to the transition from 3G to 4G. Jio VoWi-Fi service 

The voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) is one more service which Jio can officially introduce next year. It has already been in trial since July 2018 and the testing process seems to have been recently expanded to multiple states, including  Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana as well. VoWi-Fi is as well known as Wi-Fi calling allows the telecom operators to keep the consumers connected even when the cellular signal is currently not available. It allows the consumers to continue or start voice calls over Wi-Fi when the mobile network is not there or in the absence of the mobile network. Many of the currently available smartphones already have the feature of supporting  VoWi-Fi and select others can get the support after a software update. It is currently not clear that whether the service will be chargeable or free of cost for jio users. Jio Smart Home 

Reliance Jio's household ambitions is not just limited GigaFiber or GigaTV services, Jio plans to build a complete connected home platform on the back of its fibre network. This smart home play will include devices like smart plugs, door sensors, TV cameras, audio/ video dongles, smart locks, smart speakers, Wi-Fi extenders, thermostats, and various connected cameras. According to the details shared during the company's AGM, Jio Smart Home platform will allow the consumers to control almost every aspect of their home from just an application. The company is supposed to start offering smart home solutions just after the GigaFiber commercial roll-out in 2019. Jio notes that the users won't have to worry at all about setting up the smart home solution and Jio will be responsible for everything. It even claims that the Jio Smart Home package could be installed in less than an hour by the engineers of Jio. Jio Enterprise Services 

After disrupting the telecom sector in India, The company is now aiming to do the same with enterprise service market. Jio enterprise offerings are reportedly already in a soft launch phase with the official launch is assumed in the next few quarters, making it possible for a 2019 debut. As per the o online reports, Jio is looking to offer unified communications, cloud services, managed video conferencing, and more. Jio is seemingly in talks with Cisco to extend their partnership for the enterprise services. Cisco is already working with Jio since 2012 in several areas, including the deployment of VoLTE services. 

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