Jio fake apps are careful

New Delhi, Jan 29: It is just a week ago since news of fake Jio coin website,  a crypto-currency that reportedly Reliance Jio is working on. The company is yet to make any official announcement on the same but 

Google's Android Play Store is flooded with Jio coin apps - all promoting Jio Coin. Currently, there were at least 22 apps available for download on the Play Store.

 The apps name range from Jio Coin, Jio Coin Buy and Jio Coin CryptoCurrency. While most of these apps have fewer downloads lesser than 1,000. there are three apps which have been downloaded between 1,000 and 5,000 times while two which have been downloaded between 10,000 and 50,000 times. 

The description of these apps claim to Jio Coins in exchange while the company hasn't really opened up about any such plan yet. 

Security experts have already warned users to stay away from downloading any such app. Such fake apps are made to mine personal data, but this time the threat could be different. Founder of cyber security  Shomiron Das Gupta says that at least some of these apps could be hiding a new kind of malware, which uses the processing power of your phone to mine crypto currencies in the background process.  

The most downloaded fake Jio Coin app ask users to give permission for finding accounts on the device, finding contacts, sharing location, modify or delete photos and other files, receiving data from the Internet, running at startup, full network access, and preventing the device from sleeping. That is a long list of potentially dangerous permissions.