Jio Effect: Not Rs 399, not get 1GB 3G/4G data in just Rs 198

New Delhi, Nov 24: Reliance Jio has been ruling the telecom industry ever since its launch and created a stir in data pricing. Jio not only comes with revised plans at regular intervals but also force its competitors to come up with a better plan or leave market share.

If reports to be believed, Bharti Airtel will come up with Rs 198 plan offering 1GB of 3G/4G data for a period of 28 days. This offer is good for those who don't have a 4G smartphone. This offer is seen to take on its rival Jio and Vodafone which recently launched Rs 199 plan. But Vodafone's 199 plan will offer only 1GB for the whole validity period of 28 days with free voice calling and SMS whereas Airtel's 199 will only offer data not voice calling and SMS.

If Airtel's 198 plan is compared with Jio's 399, Airtel user will be recharging 198  twice, which calculates Rs 396 for 60 days for approx 60 GB data but Jio user can spend Rs 399 for 70GB data for 70 days along with free voice calling, SMS and exclusive Jio apps like Live Tv.

So it totally depends on users need, if they just want data and not voice calling and SMS or both. But Jio Rs 399 offer still the best choice available in the market for users. However, Airtel is yet to make an official statement on the plan and it will interesting to see if company offers free voice calling along with the data for just Rs 198.