Jio Dhamaka..FREE 4G smartphone, know how to get it

New Delhi, Nov 15: It was already expected that Reliance Jio will bring a better 4G device after the announcement of rival company's affordable 4G smartphone launch in order to compete JioPhone. As per media reports,  the chairman of Chinese chipmaker Spreadtrum Communications said that they are in talks with Jio to supply components for the handset. The chipmaker company headquartered in Shanghai is expected to supply chips for 10 million 4G phones by the end of the year.

Reliance Jio is looking for the lowest cost smartphone possible, maybe with 4-inch display, Leo Li said. 

With such volume of demand from the Jio, Li expects the Spreadtrum's business to increase 20% this year from India and the country’s contribution to its global revenue to go up from the current 15-20%.

Instead of investing money in India, the company wants to share its intellectual property or technology with local smartphone makers to help them design and develop devices locally.

If Reliance Jio's JioPhone and latest iPhone X schemes are considered then we can also expect these devices free with some easy conditions but we need to wait for the official statement from the company. 

Apart from this Spreadtrum is also keenly watching India's preparation on 5G network and it has already 5G devices under trial. 5G devices are expected to come in 2019.