Jet Airways clarifies: Flights cancelled due to operational reasons not pilot non-cooperation

New Delhi, Dec 3: Jet Airways has claimed that the reason behind the cancellation of at least 14 flights on Sunday was not non cooperation from pilots but operational circumstances."The reason for cancellations of 2 December flights was due to an unforeseen operational circumstance and not pilot non-cooperation, as being unduly speculated," the Airlines said.There were reports that at least 14 flights to various destinations had to be cancelled on Sunday after some of its pilots reported "sick" over non-payment of their dues. Jet Airways also asserted that the management is in regular dialogue with pilots and other teams to discuss and resolve on-going issues including disbursement of salaries.The private carrier has been defaulting on salary disbursement to its senior management along with pilots and engineer since August due to severe cash crunch.Jet Airways said the passengers of the affected flights were duly informed about their flight status via SMS alerts and they have been re-accommodated or compensated."The company continues to enjoy the complete support and cooperation of all its employees, including pilots and engineers, individually and through their respective representative bodies, who have extended their solidarity and full support to the airline," the airline stated.The airline has partially paid to these staff for September while the full salaries of October and November also remain unpaid.Pilots have been protesting against non-payment of salary, dues and the indifferent attitude of the National Aviator's Guild in taking up the issue with the management. The NAG is a domestic pilots body of Jet Airways, representing over 1,000 pilots.