Jayalalithaa never trusted men

New Delhi: People close to her and those who interacted with Jayalalithaa have said that she had problems in trusting people, especially men. There was  mystery about her, she never married and she never shared power could be because of her lack of trust. Former Lawmaker V John, in a 1998 article in Outlook Magazine, said that despite the adulation she enjoyed she found it hard to  have trust in people. “There is a deep-rooted attitudinal problem that can be traced to her past. She perceives all the men in her life—her father, MGR, her once live-in friend Shoban Babu—as people who have failed her. Therefore she has developed a deep distrust of almost anyone,” he said. In a rare TV interview, Jaylalithaa told actress Simi Garewal, “I used to trust people easily but now I know better. Life has made me like this.” Garewal recalled Jayalalithaa as a clear thinking person who was “so girlish” Like others, Amma never trusted journalists. “She kept her own tape recorder switched on all through our conversation,” said veteran journalist Vaasanthi on her first meeting with late CM in 1984. Vasnathi i, author of Amma: Jayalalithaa’s Journey from Movie Star to Political Queen.