Jat reservation stir: Haryana aggrieved with fresh violence in Rohtak, Sonepat

New Delhi: Even though the curfew was relaxed at various places in Haryana, the state shook with fresh violence in Rohtak and Sonepat districts on Monday, as Jat protesters continued to block roads with the demand for written assurance of reservation from the government. According to reports, several roads including the Rohtak Bypass at Delhi-Bahadurgarh border chowk and the arterial Delhi-Ambala highway was blocked on the ninth day of agitation.

Road traffic on national and state highways from Hissar to various destinations, including Delhi, Chandigarh, Sirsa, Siwani and Bhiwani, remained suspended. Railway services from Hissar to places, including Delhi, Ludhiana, Bhiwani and Sadulpur were also not operational. Earlier, curfew in Rohtak town was relaxed for one hour. Similarly, life returned to normalcy in Hisar and Hansi towns after the curfew was lifted. However, curfew was again imposed in Rohtak. The curfew is also active in the districts of Bhiwani, Jhajjar and Sonepat. With airways being the only option available as a means of travel between Delhi and Chandigarh, the flight tickets have soared to a record high price. Jet Airways’ charged Rs 17,299 for a ticket at 12.40 pm today, whereas the cheapest SpiceJet fixed it at Rs 15,570. Earlier on Sunday, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party gave in to the violent protest, which claimed lives of 12 people and injured 150 others. They assured the agitating community members that the government would bring a bill in the Haryana assembly to include the Jats as a special category within Other Backward Classes or OBCs in the state. 

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court dismissed a PIL seeking interference of the apex court into the law and order breakdown pertaining to Jat agitation. It said the matters as such should be left for the government to handle.