Jashn-E-Youngistan 2018 to award Dr Mandeep Singh Basu

New Delhi, Nov 23: Dr Mandeep Singh Basu a ray of light for the sightless. He is a name to reckon with in alternative medicines. When allopathy rules the roost, here comes a youth who rejuvenates trust in Indian's age-old therapy of cure, the Ayurveda. 

Basu is a visionary young man full of enthusiasm and zeal which attracts one towards him. Dr Mandeep Singh Basu promoted Ayurveda and its benefits for human society. Dr Mandeep Singh Basu always thought of a company dedicated to super quality herbal eye solutions developed by using innovative solutions. Dr Basu has the vision to eliminate blindness from the world he wants to run campaign same as Polio Campaign. He has been organizing eye camps on a regular basis to help the people who unable to get proper medication due to financial issues. 

News24 is taking a unique initiative to appreciate and encourage the dynamic young power of the country as it is the youth in whose hands lie the future of a nation. Your very own channel News 24 will be honouring and appreciating the youth power from the platform of its conclave Jashn-E-Youngistan on 24th  November 2018.

Young India is laying the foundation of a New India, an India that is making a world-wide impression. The world is taking note of you, and it's time to celebrate your success. News24 is taking the lead in promoting and honouring the youth of India with its sequel of highly popular conclave Jashn-E-Youngistan 2018.