Japan, US asks N Korea to abandon nuclear weapons programme

The US and Japan has urged North Korea to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes and cautioned Pyongyang not to take any further "provocative actions".

"We strongly demand North Korea to abandon nuclear and ballistic missile program and not to make any more propagations," Abe said at a joint news conference with Trump at White House yesterday.

In a joint statement following their Oval Office meeting, the US and Japan "strongly" urged North Korea to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes and not to take any further provocative actions.

"The US-Japan Alliance is fully capable of ensuring the security of Japan. The US is fully committed to defending its homeland, forces, and allies, through the full range of US military capabilities," the joint statement said.

Trump and Abe affirmed the importance of an early resolution of the abductions issue.

"They also affirmed the importance of trilateral cooperation among the US, Japan and the Republic of Korea. The US and Japan are also committed to rigorous implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea," the joint statement said.

Abe told reporters that he and Trump "have completely agreed on the importance of the early solution for the abduction issue in the East China Sea, South China Sea and Indian Ocean, everywhere.

"We need to maintain the freedom of navigation and rule of law and such international order that must be maintained," he said.

Abe said any form of terrorism should be strongly condemned.

"We will cooperate in our fight against terrorism. Japan has the will of course exercise a commensurate role in this regard," he said.