James Bond's carmaker have planned this hypercar and SUV

PEOPLE like Aston Martins. And what’s more, people like people who drive them. They’re seen as cool and intelligent and refined. They know not to drink red wine with fish and are familiar with the Latin name for every single fish in the sea. - Jeremy Clarkson

Aston Martin's motoring lineage is well over a century old, with time the brand has transformed its image from being a luxury car maker to a brand that makes the “James Bond Car”, well if that isn’t enough they now plan to make their cars more exquisite by keeping the numbers they plan to sell very limited. This does imply that owning one of their upcoming models will be even more difficult and a matter of pride.

The recent product vision of Aston Martin has been quite discreet until now, with details of their current and future projects being well guarded were the bird hasn’t been chirping.

Kudos to their team for that but now that they have revealed their recent developments i.e. the AM-RB 001 an new 1000hp Hypercar and the DBX SUV, both were revealed ahead of the Canadian International Autoshow.

AM-RB 001 hypercar has been developed with Red Bull Racing and not with AMG. There are only 150 road cars planned and 25 for track use. Although all 150 have been sold and will be delivered by 2019. The car has been priced for a whopping 3 million dollars. Powering the car is the 6.5L V12 engine which is naturally aspirated for superior driving, combined with a hybrid system from Croatia's Rimac. The shell is Carbon Fibre with Bosch taking care of electrical system.

Reuters recently quoted company's chief executive Andy Palmer saying, “We don't want to go to big volume. It's basically high price, low volume, exclusivity."

Aston Martin continues the exclusivity with the DBX SUV. The SUV will be big, lighting fast and super luxurious, obviously with 4X4 on offer. With this Aston Martin might take on the Bentley Bentayga- the world’s fastest SUV. We’ll leave that to a showdown.

Showcasing of these two vehicles is also firing the rumour of them being used in the James Bond movie. Till now the following Aston Martin cars have been featured in the James Bond series- Aston Martin DB5, Aston Martin DBS, Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante, Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, Aston Martin DBS V12 and Aston Martin DB10. It’s a fact that the use of Aston Martin cars contributed to the characterisation of James Bond which has been loved by generations. We would very much love to see the use of new cars from the Aston Martin cradle in the upcoming bond films, but that's something only time will tell.

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