180-kg cop will be just 80 kg now, thanks to Shobhaa De..surgery done

Mumbai: The Madhya Pradesh policeman whose weight problem became a subject of online discussion after he was "fat-shamed" by writer-columnist Shobhaa De on Twitter, has now undergone a gastric bypass surgery here.Gastric bypass surgery is aimed at reducing the volume of the stomach to curb the food intake.

Dr Muffazal Lakdawala of Saifee Hospital and his team performed the surgery on Daulatram Jogawat, who weighs around 180 kg.

"He should lose around 80-odd kg in the next year or so, but mainly the uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension sleep apnoea and lymphoedema will disappear," said Bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala. "The procedure essentially reduces the intake of food. Besides, patients also feel satiated faster. The surgery took over two and half hours," he added.

The policeman came in limelight when Shobhaa De had tweeted a picture of an overweight Jogawat in uniform, mocking the Mumbai Police for "heavy bandobast" on a polling day.

Mumbai Police promptly pointed out that he was an inspector with the Madhya Pradesh Police.After these tweets went viral, Dr Lakdawala offered to help Jogawat.

"Jogawat's condition will be reviewed by Dr Lakdawala and he may be discharged in the next couple of days," said Zoya Suterwala of Saifi Hospital.

Jogawat will have to be on a liquid diet for the next 15 days, Suterwala added.

Before the surgery, Jogawat said one wrong tweet had changed his life."I am thankful to my senior officers and media for this. A wrong tweet has changed my life," he told PTI.

"I was hurt by the tweet poking fun at me. I put on weight due to a hormonal disorder following a gall bladder operation in 1993," he said.

De, who faced some heat on social media for fat-shaming a person, later tried to make amends.

"No offence intended. MP Police, Consult a dietician, if its an asli, undoctored image doing the round," she said.