Jai ho! Chinese, Pak jets and cruise missiles can't enter India now

New Delhi: Indian Air Force couldn't have expected a better Valentine's Day gift. On that day the IAF will be gifted a home-made all-weather airborne early warning and control system popularly known as the AEW&C.    

This will enhance the capabilities of fighter jets during a war. The new 'Eye in the Sky' will enable detection of drones, cruise missiles and fighter jets from Pakistan and China.

This aerial platform is meant to be a force multiplier that will guide the IAF's fighter aircraft during combat. It will have the capability to detect incoming fighters, cruise missiles and even drones from both Pakistan and China.

The AEW&C system has been developed CABS, based in Bangalore. It has been integrated onto a Embraer-145 aircraft. It has a 240-degree coverage radar and can detect, identify and classify threats in the surveillance area and also act as a Command and Control Centre to support Air Defence operations.