Jade Goody's widower claims couple sold 'fake stories'

London: Jack Tweed, the widower of late English reality television Jade Goody who made headlines for her racist comments towards Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on "Celebrity Big Brother", has claimed the couple used to sell fake stories to the press to fund their lavish lifestyle. Tweed launched into a rant on the social media site, managing to bring his late wife into the picture after slamming his former partner Chanelle Hayes over her recent weight gain, reports mirror.co.uk.  "The amount of bulls**t that me and Jade used to make up... When she wanted a new car or whatever... Just make some lie up everyone believes it for stories and 30k later you are laughing," Tweed wrote.  When a fan asked: "Why bring up Jade?! Not really fair is it?" he responded: "If I want to talk about my wife, I will thanks." Goody died aged 27 in 2009, after a seven-month battle against cervical cancer.