Jacqueline insults Alia publicly!

New Delhi, Sept 7: Bollywood has been a mixture of ugly tiff and mushy moments, where actors take harsh actions when it comes to fights but this Bollywood diva played it smooth and sly. It was just some time back that the buzz about Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt's break up because of Jacqueline Fernandes had taken a toll in the industry. However, shooting for 'A Gentleman' together with a lot of intimate scenes, Sidharth and Jacky's chemistry was called to be a problem in Alia and Sidharth's relationship. 

'Koffee with Karan' host, Karan Johar when asked about their relation, Alia and Sidharth left in denial and stated that they are really good friends. It was just some time back that Jacqueline unfollowed Alia on Instagram, and one can only wonder what made 'Kick' actress do this!

A report suggested "But things came to light when Jacqueline quietly unfollowed Alia Bhatt on Instagram a few weeks ago. This was a result of a major fight which apparently took place between Alia and Sidharth due to his closeness to Jacqueline. Few know that Jackie has been a constant factor in the actor's life ever since they started shooting for 'A Gentleman' in Miami last year. At that time, during the shoot in Miami, Sid and Alia had just broken up, and Jacqueline and he hit off really well. Post shoot they would often go on long drives and cozy dinners. But then shooting got over and both returned to India. Soon Sid and Alia patched up but Jacqueline still remained a good friend of the actor. Whenever there was time the two would often catch up over a quiet chat or dinner, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. It was a friendship that both enjoyed - both are not from Bollywood and would have a lot to catch up on." The report continued and stated  "Alia and Sidharth called it quits after a huge fight over Jacqueline a couple of months ago. But then as it is mostly in B-Town, where actresses air kiss each other in public, while waging a cold war in private, Alia wished Jacqueline on her birthday (August 11) last month on Twitter and Jackie thanked her too. But Alia and Sid have had zero Twitter interaction till his last release on August 25 and after that. The last tweet was when Alia sent him besotted smileys when the first trailer of A Gentleman released on July 10. Jackie appeared quite in love with Sid as one could see in the videos they would put up on social media. They also went together to 'A Gentleman' director Raj Nidimoru's birthday (August 5) where no paps were present and were spotted having dinner last week (September 2) where paps were there. On August 8 the actress was seen going over to the actor's house for dinner. Of course the paps were present there too," added the source.

Surprisingly every time the two were asked if they were dating, both the stars denied it. The source concluded by saying, "Usually the lead pair in a film is linked in a relationship to promote the film and Jackie and Sid's crackling chemistry more than helps. But B-Town is talking about the fact that there's something much more between them and it seems to have the blessings of Sidharth's Godfather Karan Johar too. Now that Sid is officially single maybe it's time for this hot couple to come out into the open about their relationship too as more and more people in B-Town are talking about it."