It's time people celebrated women for their strengths: Viraf

New Delhi, April 13 (IANS) Actor Viraf Patel says women should be celebrated for their strengths and all that they bring into people's lives rather than letting them feel unsafe.

"MTV Big F Season 2" will be seen exploring the issue of sexual harassment at workplace.

Talking about it, Viraf said in a statement: "If women are getting harassed it's actually a problem for us men. Men should not just urge women to stand up for themselves from a distance but stand by them and stand with them when they fight harassment or the one harassing them."

"I am convinced women are the stronger sex, single women fighting it out in the professional world and single mothers are proof of that but some men end up exploiting their vulnerability. 

"It's time we men too stopped other men from doing this, simply because the hand that rocks the cradle can pretty much rock the boat for society. It's time we celebrated women for their strengths and all that they bring into our lives rather than letting them feel unsafe around us."

The episode will tell the story of a small town intern Kiara, played by Charu Mehra, who moves to Mumbai to live her dream and make it big. 

Kiara falls head over heels in love with one of her bosses, Samrat, played by Viraf. Her love for Samrat is mistaken for her being an easy 

prey and she is misunderstood for someone who's seen asking for it. 

However, Kiara is unaware of the fact that the career path to success is a rocky road of sexual harassment. 

"This episode is an ode to all the women who are courageous enough to express their personal and professional choices," said the actor.

On playing the role of Kiara, Charu said: "It takes a lot of courage for women out there to stand up against sexual harassment, may it be physical or verbal, at workplace risking her entire career."

"It affects women's mental and physical health as well as their social and economic status. Often they are blamed for dressing inappropriately or for their friendly behaviour."