It's a pollution emergency, Delhi trapped in a dangerous air lock

New Delhi, Nov 8: Did you know this about poisonous Delhi smog? It's not cold or fog in Delhi. It's an 'air lock'. Air is moving at a very slow speed, approx the speed of 2-3 km per hour only. Hence the pollution isn't getting swept. And is hanging low.

Please wear N95 Mask try to remain inside. No physical exercise outoors. Special care should be taken of old and infants. They should remain at home. Windows should be closed and so should the doors be.
As Delhi is affected with dangerous level of air pollution doctors suggest taking vitamin C, Omega fatty acids, tulsi, ginger, lemon. All magnesium rich diet like cashews should be taken in ample amount. For Omega 3 take walnut. These food will help you to reduce the effect of air pollution. The trick is to make yourself strong internally. 
 The national capital and its adjoining suburbs were blanketed in a grey haze on Wednesday morning, dipping visibility to 300 meters at some places, causing train delays and slowing down flight operations here.

Some 30 trains coming to Delhi and 30 flights landing or taking off from the Delhi airport were delayed, according to officials.

The air quality in Delhi and adjoining Noida (Uttar Pradesh) and Gurgaon (Haryana) continued to be alarmingly bad on Wednesday.

Due to worsening air pollution, authorities closed schools on Wednesday and Thursday.