ISRO's longest ever launch mission today: 7 key facts

New Delhi: Today ISRO will put 8 satellites in orbit using a  single Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket. It will be Indian space agency's longest satellite launch mission ever. It will be for the second time that ISRO will be putting multiple satellites in different orbits. Let us look at key facts of the mission. 1. Commercial use of multiple burn technology ISRO for the first time make commercial use of multiple burn technology. Multiple burn technology is the switching off and switching on of a rocket's engine in space. 2. Eight satellites to be launched The 320-tonne PSLV rocket with 8 satellites will be launched from Sriharikota (in Kerala) at 9:12 AM today.  3. Time duration Mission will last 2 hours 15 minutes. 4. Indian, foreign satellites Of the 8, 3 satellites are Indian. Others are from Algeria-3, Canada-1 and US-1. 5. Main satellite India's SCAT SAT-1, is the main satellite. It will be used for ocean and meteorological research. 6. Student satellites, Pratham and Pisat Pratham and Pisat are the two Indian satellites designed by students. Pratham by Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay, and Pisat by Bengaluru’s PES University and its affiliates. Pratham weighs 10 kg with a 4-month life. (Agencies) 7. Two different orbits This is the first mission of PSLV in which it will be launching its payloads into two different orbits