Isla Fisher wants to play Prince in biopic

Los Angeles: Actress Isla Fisher is a huge fan of late musician Prince, and she says she would jump at the chance to play the star on the big screen. "Starring in a biopic of Prince. We are the same height, which I do not believe is a coincidence," Fisher told She also credits Sophie Kinsella's book "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" with changing her life, as it gave her her first ever leading role in a movie. She said: "'Confessions Of A Shopaholic' is the book that changed my life. I bought it at an airport and fell in love with Rebecca Bloomwood. The movie was a breakthrough careerwise, my first role as a leading lady." However, Fisher's worst ever role was in the Australian soap "Paradise Beach". "It was a 1990s Aussie soap. I had to wear a bikini the whole time - including during funeral scenes," she said.