ISIS alert: Goa tops hit-list in India

New Delhi: Goa tops the list of Islamic State's (IS) targets in India, interrogation of the suspected members of the global terror organization has revealed.

Government sources told the Hindustan Times that the former head of IS's operations in India, Muddabbir Mushtaq Sheikh of Mumbra, told the interrogators of plans to explode bombs in Goa with foreigners as the main target.

The interrogators also revealed that the terror organization is scouting for a site in India to train its fighters.

Indian security agencies have so far have arrested over a dozen suspected IS sympathizers from various parts of the country.

Intelligence agencies suspect a strong possibility of IS engineering an attack in India as a measure to boost the morale of its followers in south-Asia. The officials feel that Brussels attacks were an attempt by the ISIS to boost the morale of its fighters world wide.

News24 Bureau