Is your 2000 note fake..this is how you can find out

New Delhi: The new Rs 2000 note has just arrived, along with it has arrived news of some fake Rs 2000 notes. So, how can you find out whether the note you have got is not a fake.

Here is how you can identify the original Rs 2000 note.

Identification, salient features on front of the Rs 2000 note:

1. See through register with denominational numeral 20002. Latent image with denominational numeral 20003. Denominational numeral 2000 in Devnagari4. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the centre5. Micro letters ‘RBI’ and ‘2000’ on the left side of the banknote6. Windowed security thread with inscriptions ‘Bharat’ (in Devnagari), RBI and 2000 on banknotes with colour shift. Colour of the thread changes from green to blue when the note is tilted7. Guarantee Clause, Governor’s signature with Promise Clause and RBI emblem towards right8. Denominational numeral with Rupee Symbol, Rs 2000 in colour changing ink (green to blue) on bottom right9. Ashoka Pillar emblem on the right. Mahatma Gandhi portrait and electrotype (2000) watermarks10. Number panel with numerals growing from small to big on the top left side and bottom right side

Identification, salient features on the back of the Rs 2000 note:

1. Year of printing of the note on the left2. Swachh Bharat logo with slogan

3. Language panel towards the centre4. Motif of Mangalayan5. Denominational numeral 2000 in Devnagari