Is Ranveer Singh changing his religion after playing Khilji!

New Delhi,Nov 11: The actor's aggressive avatar as Khilji -- as seen in the poster of the film -- caught the attention of Bollywood buffs. He sports kohl eyes, long tresses and a scar on his face for the role of the anti-hero in the period drama.
And the man knows how to make headlines and with Padmavati shrouded in controversy, the man knows how to divert attention. But was he caught on the wrong foot this time? Appears so. 
The actor is seen flaunting long tresses in for his role of Delhi Sultanate Alauddin Khilji in Padmavati.He posted a picture of his in the same hairstyle on Friday morning and captioned it “Losing my religion.” 
It is difficult to say if this was intentional or he knew he’d be trolled mercilessly on social media for writing this caption. “Losing My Religion” is an iconic song by American rock-band REM