Is Arjun Kapoor the reason behind Sonam-Sonakshi cold war?

Bollywood's two amazing actresses Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, who used to be BFFs once, aren't friendly with each other anymore.

Sonam, who is known to get friendly with most heroines, shared a very deep bond with Sonakshi as well, but the equation between them is totally different today.

Last year Sona was reportedly dating Arjun Kapoor during 'Tevar' but the duo separated from each other soon after the release of the film.

Seems like this didn't go out well with Sonam, as the actress since then has been avoiding Sonakshi.

A leading daily was also reported saying, “At a recent party, the two actresses avoided crossing each other’s paths. Sonakshi sat next to Ranveer Singh but Sonam, who was just two seats away, didn’t turn to acknowledge her. While leaving, when she spotted Sonakshi giving bytes to a channel, Sonam rushed back in the opposite direction. A few minutes later, she walked past Sona without looking her way. Wonder if the tension between Sonam’s cousin Arjun Kapoor and his Tevar heroine is the reason, or is it a classic case of two actresses not getting along.”

Well, we wish the two get along again!

News24 Bureau Tulika Bishnoi