Iraqi officer gives steely eyed-look in the face of death before ISIS beheads him!

New Delhi: Islamic State militants have released a video showing execution of two Iraqi army officers. According to a report in Russia Today, the two officers had disappeared from al-Nakhib area in Anbar province a month earlier.

The first officer was Abbas al-Samarrai, who was reported missing by his family. He was beheaded by the militants as the video reportedly showed.

The second one’s name was not mentioned in the video, but he was shown lying into a hole in the ground and shot by a firing squad. He was probably forced to dig the hole himself, as Islamic State habit went in past executions.

Since it occupied large areas of Iraq in 2014, ISIS has posted videos of executions of civilians, security personnel, and foreign workers over multiple reasons, most commonly collaboration with security authorities as well as violation of its extreme religious rules.

Reports say the group has even executed many of its own members for escaping encounters with Iraqi forces.