IPL throws BIG opportunities for talented youth of India

New Delhi, Nov 14: Do you remember the saying “Padhoge likhoge banoge Nawab, kheloge kudoge banoge kharab”? The introduction of IPL has completely reversed it and people no more think that it is just only studies that can help you earn name and fame. The world of cricket has produced big names in India who are respected globally. 

Indian Premiere League or also known as IPL has emerged as one of the biggest platforms for talented youth to realise their dreams and make it big in the field of cricket. IPL began in the summer of 2008 with flying colours and since then it has changed every summer in India. The world of cricket witnessed the arrival of a new league where cricketers from all over the world play for the various teams that come under IPL.

IPL has provided ample opportunities to young and budding cricketers to play along with the big legends of the game and gain massive experience in their presence. The game has not only offered golden opportunities to the youth but it has helped in bridging successfully the gap between senior players and junior players, big players and new players, rookie players and legends.

IPL has also given the young players a great opportunity to interact with cricketers from other nations and help them overcome cultural differences and understand each other perfectly.

Ever since IPL has begun, people look forward to cricket match with enthusiasm as it is just a small format game where you do not have to wait for a long time to catch the result. Selectors also keep a vigilant eye on the budding talent who can get an opportunity to represent their franchise.

IPL not only offers immense opportunities to the young cricketers but it also gives chance to the experienced players to make a comeback and prove themselves.

IPL has successfully changed the lives of many youngsters and helped them make big name through the huge platform offered by this format of cricket. The search for talent goes on every year and by the time the tournament comes to end, we get to hear one or more budding cricketers' name who have made a big mark and impressed everyone in one particular season.

So play with full zeal and enthusiasm as you never know you may have that hidden talent that will help you become tomorrow's Sachin Tendulkar or Rahul Dravid.

By Renu Baliyan