iPhone X dropped from 1000 feet.. Results will shock you

New Delhi, Nov 9: iPhone X launched a few days back and we already have drop test videos of the device on the web, people breaking the device which costs approximately 1 lakh in India to check its durability. A Youtube channel "UnlockRiver.com" has made a very interesting video of dropping iPhone X from 1000 feet.   

In the video, the person has properly unboxed the iPhone X and tied it to a drone which took it above 1000 in the sky and dropped the device on hard concrete after it reached 1000 feet.

Soon after the iPhone X hit the concrete, the results were surprising as the glass on the back panel got shattered as it was dropped from 1000 feet on its back, nothing happened to the front side of the phone. The OLED screen remained intact, the video continued without any pause from the start of the drop test. Almost nothing happened to innards of the smartphone, the touch was working fine and the user was able to take further video.

After the drop test YouTuber claims that the screen of the iPhone X is the best ever any iPhone had but if he had dropped the device with the screen faced towards the ground, the results could have been different to what happened when dropped on the back panel.