Internet sensation polling officer in yellow sari is going to Bigg Boss!

Lucknow, May 16: The polling officer with bright yellow sari, who had set the internet on fire because of her glam quotient, wants to be part of world of glamour permanently. She seems to have set her eyes on Bollywood now.

For Reena Dwiwedi, the PWD officer who became an Internet sensation after her photograph went viral on the social media, is not ready to let go her newly-found celebrity status.

Reena has said that she would love to participate in the next season of reality show Bigg Boss' if she gets an invitation.

"My family is supportive and they are happy that I am getting some recognition. Bigg Boss would be a great opportunity if I get it," she said.

Reena's photograph in a bright yellow sari was clicked by a colleague while she was on election duty and going to the polling station with electronic voting machines (EVMs).

Known as 'the woman in yellow sari', she became a sensation on the social media and her life has not been the same ever since.

Her son Adit, a student of Class 9, has made her respond to video calls of his friends so that they can know that his mother is 'the woman in yellow sari'.

Reena said that she loves dressing up and sees nothing wrong in being well turned out

This polling season it's not only the politicians who made headlines. Some polling officers like Reena edged out the netas to get more attention.  

In the images that went viral she was seen carrying an EVM.  Most of the messages accompanying the pictures are sexist in nature. The viral reports claim that "her looks" ensured 100% voting at the booth where she was on duty.News24 BureauPhoto: Google