Interesting facts you must know about Karva Chauth

New Delhi: Karva Chauth is an old Indian tradition which has made a strong impression on us as a culture. It adds to the rich values of selflessness, social and moral ethics of India.

In Hindu religion, the goal of life is self-realization or the attainment of God and fasting has been a much sought after path to attain this

Karwa Chauth is one of the most popular festival specially for married women. Though the festival is much popular in Northern and Western Indian states like Punjab, U.P., Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, etc. But now the festival is known across the country for its pious rituals and reason.

The festival falls on the Kartik ki Chauth which means the fourth day of the wanning moon or dark fortnight of Hindu month of Kartik. According to English calendar, the month corresponds to October or November. The festival is comes about nine days before the festival of Diwali.

For a newlywed couple, the festival is celebrated with immense pomp and enthusiasm.

The important aspect of Karwa Chauth is that a dawn to dusk fast is undertaken by the ladies and they finally break the fast after seeing the moon. The fast is unique in itself because nowhere in this whole world does a wife go without food or water just to pray for the long-life and well-being of her husband.

On this auspicious occasion, two most popular gifts that are certain to be gifted to the ladies who observes the fast are 'Sargi' and 'Baya'. Sargi is basically the gift of scrumptious meals, sweets and clothes presented to the woman on the occasion of the Karva Chauth day.

Baya also includes of very similar things. On the first Karwa Chauth of a woman, the Sagi and Baya are extravagant and royal. Even on the Karwa Chauth in the life later on, the gifts are always precious.

All Hindu fasts have a deep spiritual and religious significance. It becomes imperative to be accurate in the Puja Process of the traditional rituals and that includes Karwachauth.

Some essentials that ensure a complete Karva Chauth are mentioned here.

Karwa Chauth Food Items

1. Sargi, which includes pheni (a sweet made by using milk and semolina), parantha, and various types of fruits and sweets

2. Ten matthis (salty snack) with an equal number of puas (a sweet made of jaggery)

3. Delicious halwa

Karwa Chauth Beauty Essential  Items

1.Henna Mehndi for applying on palms and feet.

2.Fashionable and multicolored glass bangles.

3.Makeup items like bindi, kumkum or sindoor, lipstick, rouge, kajal, eye-liner, mascara, and so.

4.Beautiful and traditional jewelry items like mangalsutra, maangtika, rings, necklace, bangles, ear-rings, anklets, toe-rings, nose-ring, etc.

Karwa Chauth Cloth Items 

1.Baya or Bayana that includes gifts for the mother-in-law, which is ideally a sari.

2. A set of new clothes, which is usually a bridal-sari (suhag joda) for the lady performing the vrat.

Karwa Chauth Puja Items

1. A stable platform for performing the puja

2. Cow-dung to make the image of the goddess Gora or Parwati

3. Karwa Chauth story book

4. Matthi for bhog

5.Sindur or kumkum

6. A strand of red thread (called kalawa)

7.Karwa (a clay vessel containing water)

8. A plate for keeping puja samagri

9. Money for chadawa

This festival has also become a fashion symbol in modern era. Special eateries for the day of Karwa Chauth are gearing up. Most restaurants have special menus for this special day. No wonder, almost all eating point in the city is offering plenty of attractive options to choose from.

Different clubs organize many special events on this festival with various bumper tambola, stalls and even a dance competition. With so much feasting and fun added to it, fasting had never been so good before.

On Karwa Chauth, all husbands reward their wives with a wonderful present for observing such a difficult fast for your well being, happiness and long life.

One can choose from a variety of gifts that is a token of love that they both share. So, you should send her the most beautiful and precious gift on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. However, if you are in doubt as what to buy to please her then you can select from any of the following options.

1. Designer SareesDesigner sarees are all-time favourites of a woman. So, take her along with you to a beautiful saree showroom and buy her the most trendy and exclusive saree for her.

2. Tour to a Beautiful Place

Take her out for a romantic place where you can give all your time to your wife. This Karwa Chauth, take her to a tour where you can explore each other once again. This will help in refreshing your relationship and strengthening the bond of love you share.

3. Expensive Jewelry

Women are very much fond of jewelry. So please your better half and shower all your love on her by gifting her a classic jewellery set that will enhance her beauty.