Inspired by GST, family names three kids after it

New Delhi: GST introduced by PM Modi and how it will improve the economy is an altogether different story but GST has inspired Gujarati family to such a level that a woman in the family has decided to name her new born daughters after it.

The woman has named her daughters -Garawi, Sanchi and Tarawi, taking the initials of GST, which is an abbreviation for Goods and Services Tax.

Speaking to the news agency ANI, Kanchan Patel, mother of three daughters said that she was inspired by PM Modi's one nation, one tax initiative GST and named her daughters after it.


This is not the first time people inspired from GST have named their newborn after it.

Earlier, a Rajasthan family named their newborn after it, similarly Chhattisgarh-based family named their child after GST