Inside Story: Why Hurriyat did not meet all-party delegation

Srinagar/New Delhi: It is not without reason that the Hurriyat leaders did not open doors for the all-party delegation members who had gone to their doorsteps. A News24 investigation shows how many separatists leaders are flourishing by abetting anti-India sentiment in the Kashmir Valley. It doesn't come as a surprise that any separatist leader has taken any step to calm the sentiments after almost two months of agitation and disturbances and 70 deaths.


The News24 investigation found out that in a very organised manner 5-6 terrorists have been 'posted' in almost all villages in the Valley. These terrorists have been entrusted with the job of instilling fear among the villagers, so every morning and evening they roam around the villages with guns in hand. The direction to the villagers is clear "listen only to Hurriyat leaders".


Terrorised villagers have no choice but to surrender before the Hurriyat leaders, who then give instructions on stone pelting on security forces, apart from anti-India sloganeering and processions.  

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The above-mentioned facts are substantiated by the reality. Despite claiming to be representing people of Kashmir, no Hurriyat leader has issued any appeal for peace or has tried to calm down the rising passions. This, because the Hurriyat handlers from across the border who want to keep Kashmir on the boil. Being puppets of Pakistani handlers is both, a compulsion and business interest of the Hurriyat leaders.     


The members of the all-party delegation corroborated the findings of News24. The leaders who went to the Kashmir Valley said that the separatists were friendly in behaviour, indicating that there was 'external pressure' on them to avoid meeting the delegation    


The main reason for the continuous terrorist activities in the valley is huge inflow of funds to sponsor the anti-India activities. According to NIA, local banks have received Rs 38 crore foreign funds in various accounts. The money is withdrawn soon after it lands in the accounts, NIA says.


This apart, Hurriyat leaders have been receiving direct funding from Pakistan also. The funds from Pakistan and other pro-Pak elements from across the globe has made the Hurriyat leaders economically well off. Sources say some of the Hurriyat leaders own many properties in the Valley, including hotels and resorts.

Experts feel that talking to the separatists may not serve any purpose, as these leaders are unlikely to abandon `the hen (read Pakistan) that is laying golden eggs' for the separatists. These experts suggest that the Centre should reopen cases against the separatists and cut down their funding.

This strategy is likely to go down well with the `Kashmiri Awam' which has been suffering for the past many years, while they see the separatists financially and politically exploiting the unrest in the Valley. 

By: Sanjeev Trivedi/Asif Suhaf