Inside Story: How Kapil Sharma killed his own show...

New Delhi Sep 2: It is now official that Kapil Sharma and Sony have jointly decided that the once king of all comedy shows The Kapil Sharma Show is now off air. Both parties claim and clarify that it is a joint decision and that the show will be back after a hiatus.  But it would be interesting to explore the real reasons behind the end of this great show. A comedy of errors?

Anyone and everyone would agree that the rift between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover was the final nail in the coffin. It is prved that neither can survive without te other. Neither the show of Kapil Sharma had the same zing and chutzpah nor did Sunil Grover make an impact, despite trying on various platforms.

His drinking habits became the reason of his nemesis. He often picked up fights with his colleagues. His colleagues like SUnil Grover, Chandan, Ali Asgar decided to part ways with the superhit show and with Kapil Sharma only when he misbehaved with them.  His drinking habit also became the reason of his ill health which resulted in the cancellation of shoots every now and then.

Hw was took a monster bite which he could not chew thereafter. He was shooting for his home production Firangi and The Kapil Sharma Show simultaneously. And this pressure he could not handle.