Indians love me, will get more seats than in 2014: Modi to News24 in exclusive interview

New Delhi, May 13: In an exclusive interview to News24, PM Narendra Modi speaks elaborately on the coalition, Congress, Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Mayawati, on development and the plurality in the Indian democracy, which is also its beauty. 

This is the most daring and baring interview which is different and most exclusive as the PM elaborates on topics on which he has either not spoken or has spoken very less.

On getting a majority: "Even before the elections were announced we have been saying that the work that we did in the last five years is speaking volumes about us. People entrusted hope in us and we have tried to live up to that expectation," said PM Narendra Modi. PM added that therefore since Day 1 he is confident of winning more seats.So-called doomsayers and political pundits were sceptic about the elections but the huge turnout has belied all predictions. This clearly shows that BJP and the NDA will get more seats. 

PM Modi categorically said that he is not at all nervous and is confident of victory. "The profound love given to me by the people of India gives me immense joy and confidence. I'm confident about the victory and therefore I don't have sleepless nights. The love of the people is such that I never get nervous. this keeps me energetic always," said the PM.On Coalition: Sounding pragmatic and confident both at the same time PM said, "We will get more seats, but I'm equally adept in running a coalition government. Have worked in both Bansilal government as well as the Chautala government in Haryana, Same way in Jammu Kashmir have worked both with Abdullah ji as well as Mufti ji. In Gujarat have worked with Chimanlalji. And here when we made the government at the centre, despite having a majority took our coalition partners along."

Praising the plurality of Indian democracy PM said that Politics in India is polarised, while one end is represented by the Congress, the other end is represented by the BJP. Even if there is a majority one has to take coalition partners together. This way we have a sound representation of the regional parties and this helps in understanding the regional issues better.A confident-sounding PM said that his government is sure to get more seats, but giving a clear hint in the same breath that he is equally adept in working with a coalition and that this is not making him nervous.As told to Manak Gupta

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