THIS Indian team has won the World Cup

Street Cricket World Cup

London, July 11: India had defeated England to win the first-ever Street Child Cricket World Cup here on May 7.

Eight countries — India, England, the West Indies, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tanzania, Mauritius and the Congo — had participated in the tournament.

The tournament had started on April 30 and teams comprising players aged 14 to 17 years of age participated.

All the players were from marginalised communities. India was the only country represented by two teams - India North and India South.

India South won the tournament.

Street Cricket World Cup

The format was called Street-20. According to this format, matches are played by 8-member squads with an equal number of boys and girls in each team.

The matches consisted of 5 overs per innings, Each over consisted of 4 balls.

According to the rules, a batter must retire after scoring 15 runs. This is to ensure the other players also get a chance to bat.

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